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  • Scientist Found About Back Pain

    What Scientists Found Out About Back Pain In the last 20 years, the interest the scientific community has in chiropractic has increased as more and more people have chosen chiropractic care to improve their health. According to an extensive research paper entitled, "Chiropractic in the United States, Training, Practice, and Research" compiled using a grant from the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR); patient satisfaction is bringing people to chiropractic care. The AHCPR investigators realized that as soon as research got underway, studies immediately began to document the major roll chiropractic plays in the care of people with back and neck problems. These studies document high levels of patient satisfaction. Others show that satisfaction in chiropractic for back care is much higher in some aspects than satisfaction in conventional medical treatments.Researchers for the AHCPR, a government agency, concluded that these studies clearly show that "chiropractors appear to be meeting the needs of many Americans suffering from back and neck pain." Several studies suggest that chiropractic may be "more effective than medical treatment for back pain in injured workers".Chiropractic care is simple and effective. It is specific and non-invasive. There aren't the side effects you'll likely have to deal with using drugs and/ or surgery to try to manage your condition. Chiropractic has about a 90% satisfaction rate. Call and make an appointment, today, and let us show you how easily you can see a difference in your neck or back pain and in your life through chiropractic care.